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“This is to inform you that I am doing very well after the dental procedure I underwent in your clinic. Also I would like to thank you for the excellent care given to me. You're clinic is highly recommendable.

Thanking you once again”

“I visited Dr. Divya with a painful and sensitive tooth problem. She is a great dental surgeon - efficient, yet gentle. I was really in need of a dentist that I could trust. Dr. Divya is an excellent dentist whose main priority was patient comfort. She listened to me very patiently. She is nice and professional and highly meticulous about documenting my dental issues. The whole staff was super friendly. I felt at ease that I didn’t feel any discomfort during the treatment. I also liked the way she taught me about dental hygiene and ways to tackle gum problems.

Thank you doctor for giving me a painless smile back!!

“I have been to Dr. Divya's clinic a number of times. She is a very efficient and gentle doctor. The usual fear of visiting a dentist is negated by her wonderful and caring attitude to patients. The staff in her clinic are all well trained and the pleasant atmosphere in the cling also helps to allay apprehensions.”

“I have always found "Smile N Shine" is a very professional and friendly dental clinic, furnished with most sophisticated equipments and with thorough attention paid to hygiene. Each procedure is explained carefully beforehand and during to ensure that we are relaxed and happy with what is going on. The aftercare is also brilliant. I would definitely recommend this dental experience over any I have previously had.”

“It was my toothache that brought me to this clinic. told the doctor i want to visit immediately before the pain aggravates. I checked in at the clinic. I was told that one of my tooth requires root canal treatment since the infection it has caused and its just in the initial stage but then root canal is a must. I had this psycho phobia about root canal treatment that it would be very very painful. I was literally very sad about the way i had ignored my teeth due to which now that i have to undergo this painful trauma. My first day treatment started at this clinic. I said all my prayers. I was given an injection in my tooth.

I literally crossed my fingers for the pain. The treatment began. It was my first sitting. God my tooth was drilled, cleaned, nails inserted, but but it was absolutely painless

The advanced method of treatment has every answer to the teeth problem to be addressed without any pain. I had three sittings for the treatment but none were painful. Its basically presumed that due to anesthesia its no pain and subsequently the pain would be horrible. But i should say my each sitting of root canal treatment was painless. It was a wonderful experience. With the advanced techniques being used at this clinic any tooth complications can be rectified with a painless treatment. walk in. have a dental checkup today itself to give a beautiful flawless smile to the world. I thank Dr.Sajith for the wonderful methodology of treatment given to me. I should say i saw god in him during my root canal treatment which is said to be very painful. But here in this clinic you can walk in assured that its very advanced technology so its no pain. Thanking Dr.Sajith for the wonderful treatment. Wishing him all the very success in the days to come.”

“How grateful I am that I can cite my experience with Dr. DivyaSaith and her staff at "smile and shine" Dental clinic as among my blessings!

From my very first visit at the clinic, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the clinic itself. Dr. Divya inspires the utmost confidence by her smile which is so wide that it seems apt to describe it as extending "from sea to shining sea" and by her wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. I was facing the problem of upper teeth mid-line shift as well as my upper left central incisor was broken in an accident 10 years back,i went through root canal treatment and made a cap on the incisor. But with in a small period of time it became darken and along with the mid-line shift it found very ugly. I was very self conscious and shy while opening my mouth to avoid negative remarks regarding my teeth from friends and family. I decided to go for dental cosmetic treatment, I visited more than 3 famous dental clinics in Ernakulam before i came to know about "smile and shine".

The standard of the doctors and clinic was outstanding or i can say it is beyond the words at " smile and shine" . They have well experienced special team for each kind of treatment. I had limited time to spend for the treatment because of my job nature. but the doctor promised me to finish the treatment less than the time which i requested. I undergo single sitting root canal at kakkanad clinic by a root canal specialist. Dr. Divya well explained about her ideas to fix my mid-line shift and remove gaps in between the upper teeth(between central and lateral incisor on both sides) and the size of the incisor was too big. With in two weeks she made me to smile with confidence. After successful root canal treatment she took me to the dental lab which is 40 km away from the clinic and showed the different kind of materials which can be used for the treatment(I never see doctors show their lab to the patients, in my experience i found Dr. Divya want her patient full satisfaction and to make their patients well aware of the treatment and background process). and out of all she opted "Zirconium ceramic classic material for the bridge which was one among the best.

Dr.Divya made finishing work at lab itself with the assistance of technicians for the fine adjustment and tuning of the colour. The result was excellent.even i can not believe that my upper teeth are not original.The material which is used for the bridge is so strong and the art work on bridge to feel it like original was so perfect. The gap between teeth,mid-line shift,too large size teeth and the colour change in left upper incisor gone for ever.Thank you Dr. Divya and team for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth and your skillful approach to address my case. My sincere recommendation and reference to all is to go visit Dr.Divya sajith at "smile and shine " clinic kakkanad, my favourite dentist, if have any dental problem.”

"It was on a visit to Surabhi Nagar, I happened to see the board of SMILE SHINE DENTAL CLINIC in June 2016. Though I used to avail the services of some other dentist in Kakkanad locality,I thought I would visit this dental clinic for a change.
I am a senior citizen and naturally, a service of a dentist was required. My very first impression about Dr.Divya was superb and with in a a very short span of five days, I could get the dental problem fixed and could proceed on a three month visit abroad.

Subsequently after my return, many a times I visited this dentist for root canal and other dental treatments.My experience was par excellent and the charges were also quite reasonable when compared to similar dental clinics around.Subsequently my wife,daughter and my friends,co-residents in DLF New Town Heights where I reside, started visiting Dr.Divya with any dental problem they face with.I am really delighted to mention that all of them are uniformly happy with her and the other Doctors of this clinic.The clinic is equipped with all state of the art equipment's like dental Xray machine,..............................................................etc.

I wish Dr.Divya and the clinic all the very best in future , and popularity, in days ahead."

"Very happy with this Dental Clinic. Our family of four have been with this practice for the past 2 years. Have only praise for this team. My 2 children were referred for orthodontic work and I also had a few issues which were always dealt with efficiently. The best post care with reminders every month over phone and always very accommodating with times. Very friendly customer service approach. Excellent treatment and advice."

"When choosing a dentist, knowing which qualities to look for can make a huge difference. If you've been asking yourself, "Is there a good dentist near me?", then visit smile n shine dental, it may be just what you have been looking for. They strive to provide each of their patients with quality and affordable dental care.
At their practice Dr N Sajith & Dr Divya Sajith, and each of their dentists is passionate about what they do. They understand that aiming to provide the best dental care possible starts with creating a warm n welcoming environment to their patients."

"I go to Smile Clinic for all my dental work. The care provided is professional and the procedures done have been to my full satisfaction. Dr. Divya puts the patients at ease and explains every procedure step by step. The clinic is very clean and there is ample parking. Appointments are always on time with minimal waiting. I would recommend Smile Clinic to anyone looking for a stress free dental experience."

"I had my Implant done by Dr Sajith at his surgery in Kerala after being recommended by a dear friend. I was not disappointed- he was friendly and professional, his practice was clean with excellent service from his assistant. My main concern was pain as I have a very very low pain threshold. He listened to my concerns and reassured me. It was a painless process with local anaesthesia. I will be returning to finish treatment with a fitted teeth. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Sajith."

"I used this practice upon recommendation from a colleague in the UK. I travelled to Kerala to see Dr. Sajith and get my braces done. He was extremely thorough- doing preliminary examinations i.e., OPGs & moulding before work even began.
Dr. Sajith was gentle, genuinely interested and worked with me to get the results I wanted.
My braces are now on and was totally pain-free. I can’t wait to see the end results."

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